XLXS: Bird/Seed Shelter

Taka Sarui, born in Tokyo, Japan 02/02/81, and Julia Molloy, born in Walnut Creek, CA, USA, 12/01/81, have been working on global enterprising projects concerning the built and natural environment and the cultures that inhabit them for the past 3 years. We have established XLXS a collaborative addressing all spectrums of the built environment, whether big or small. As young architects with a deep rooted interest in environmental responsibility, we perceive sustainable design as an opportunity to merge our designed spatial boundaries with the changing natural environment. Comfort and privacy should evolve from our ability to react and change with the environment, and not by shielding from the environment. Our experience working together on research projects on sustainable informal developments in Venezuela, South Africa, and Thailand has lead to the design of our most recent project: Bird/Seed Shelter, winner of the Schuylkill Environmental Education Center Sustainable Design/Build Competition. The shelter uses strategies to create space within an evolving and devolving living system, allowing the inhabitant to become more aware of the complexities and fluctuations in the natural environment.